Being donationware the ExtraMagic can be used similarly to any free software. When the current weekly build expires
you are welcome to download the next build which is (and will always be) available for free. However, if you are really enjoying the ExtraMagic and use it often, you are welcome to make a donation. Those who sent their contribution as recommended will be provided with Serial Number for permanent registration. Once entered, S/N permanently disables
the expiration check, making it not necessary to download new builds of the ExtraMagic on a weekly basis, etc.

If you would like to donate for ExtraMagic development and get the permanent Personal Serial Number as supporter:

Please send an email to our support address
with the subject e.g. "Donate for ExtraMagic".

We will respond with a very simple instruction at the end of which we assign the permanent Personal S/N.

Currently we process the requests manually, within maximum 6 hours. Your appreciation really matters!

Thank You very much!

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