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v1.4 -
see what's new WHAT'S NEW:

* Assign custom keystrokes to any
gesture for 3 and 4 fingers;

* New gesture option 'Fullscreen Toggle';

* Minor bug fixes.
(compiled: July 4, 2024)


* This is the most recent stable build which supports both the first-gen Magic Trackpad and the new Magic Trackpad 2.

* ExtraMagic software is only compatible with 64-bit Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (for Magic Trackpad 2: Windows 8 and 10).

* Before installing the ExtraMagic please pair the Magic Trackpad with your PC or Mac (pair in Windows, not macOS) and make sure it actually works, e.g. the pointer is moving. Important: Magic Trackpad 2 shall NOT be plugged to USB.

* ExtraMagic makes it possible to register the multitouch gestures by using our custom-developed Bluetooth HID driver which communicates directly with the Magic Trackpad hardware. Please note, the driver component is not cross-signed
by Microsoft. But you can request such cross-signed driver from us (simply send us an email, and we will respond).

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