An Apple Magic Trackpad / Magic Trackpad 2 connected to a PC (or to a Mac running Windows 8 / 10 via Boot Camp) supports only the basic features for 1 and 2 fingers, just enough to operate as 2-button mouse with a scroll wheel.

An ExtraMagic is the long-awaited solution which serves as Control Panel for both Magic Trackpads, puts the drivers
to PC or Boot Camp, and, most importantly, enables 3-finger / 4-finger gestures in Windows 8 / 10, as following:

* 3-finger dragging, 3-finger tap, 3-finger horizontal and vertical swipes.

* 4-finger tap, 4-finger horizontal and vertical swipes.

These ExtraMagic gestures are highly configurable: now you get more customizations in Windows than in macOS!

For the maximum compatibility and reliability, ExtraMagic is designed so that all of the basic 1-finger and 2-finger operations are handled with the native (Apple-provided) Boot Camp driver. The ExtraMagic provides convenient shortcuts for changing the Boot Camp driver settings, as well as helps to install the proper Boot Camp driver for your PC.

ExtraMagic software can be used infinitely with no need to pay for (although the donations are highly appreciated, as they would give us an ability to dedicate more time and effort towards improving the ExtraMagic).

Our ultimate goal is to turn the ExtraMagic into a feature-complete, macOS-like Magic Trackpad driver for Windows.

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